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Seeds to Remember

16 May 2012
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Looking back at our fall-spring garden, I realized that I had better make notes now about which seeds we want to be sure to plant again next season. These were our favorites:

1. beets: bull’s blood (Johnny’s): red leaves, sweet roots, took 4 months to get the beet roots so they need time but the leaves are a tasty addition for salads while we wait.

However, I’d like to try another red beet that seems more for the beets and less for the greens: Red Ace, maybe, for something earlier.

2. beans: climbers/pole beans to save space but not just the traditional Kentucky Wonder types: Fortex for french beans, Pension for Italian flat beans

3. carrots: nelson (an early type): sweet, long-lasting in the ground BE SURE TO GET THE PELLETED TYPE

4. Lettuce Mix: we tried a Burpee’s one that I found at Home Depot. I hadn’t really expected us to like them so much…. but we do/did. So, I’d like to try something from Johnny’s next fall

5. arugala.. no particular source

6. giant red mustard greens

7. radicchio (round chioggia type, chioggia red preco #1) from Johnny’s…. start inside and wait for a long long time before have heads

8. cukes: need to find a better type, but Johnny’s doesn’t have anything. Burpee’s I guess.

9. Escarole (Eros) from Johnny’s: curly, tasty without being overly bitter; start indoors, takes a longlong time but worth the wait

10. Romaine (Coastal from Johnny’s for longer lasting in hotter weather)

II. Ground Covers that Seem to be Working

1. Crimson clover: plant in late summer for spring blooming

2. Buckwheat: try again to see if it can live near the creek

3. White New Zealand Clover everywhere to start replacing the sod

III. Plants we liked and need to try from seeds

1. Napa
2. Swiss Chard
3. Kolrabi (red type)

IV. What we want but haven’t found yet

1. Cuke: burpless, not bitter, like the persion ones at the farmer’s market: maybe burpee’s burpless beauty?? This year we have Burpee’s Sweet Burpless Hybrid…but I don’t remember why. The catalog info doesn’t sound really like what we need since having lots of cucumbers isn’t going to be necessary. More thinking to do.




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