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It's been a cold spring

15 May 2012
Rainy 12°C / 54°F

I don’t know, but it just seems to me that this May has been really cold. Not much over 15 degrees every, although sunny and breezy days. I hope that this is not an omen to the rest of the summer. Even if it is, oh well! I have a greenhouse!

I planted out my marigolds yesterday (well, most of them) and slug-proofed them as well. I hope they flourish where they are at.

My sweet peas are a limping a bit on, but they haven’t died yet, so that is positive!

My onions are doing well, the ones that made it, and the ones from sets (Hyred F1 were the only set I bought).

I bought planting mix today, 4 40-l bags of it. 2-3 for my tommys, 1-2 for the pots I have around the place. I also got the old pots that were full of soil and old plants that didn’t make it through the winter emptied out. I hope to recycle the soil a bit around the garden.

My bokashi is doing well. I did some kitty litter experiments and it seems to be working quite well, which makes me happy. I put them only on ornamental beds, since cat feces and veggies don’t go well together! :)

I picked up 2 tommy tumblers from the yorkshire allotment, and they are looking pretty good and they seem to have made the ferry crossing okay. They are in the greenhouse now. As for my own sown seeds, well, I’m having a bit of mixed results. Some are strong, showing true leaves, some are a bit “eh” and the others didn’t even come up. Unfortunately, the choco-tommys haven’t sprouted. Well, there’s always next year!

My cosmos and sunflowers are doing absolutely fabulous! I can’t believe how well they are doing! I can’t wait for milder weather to be able to plant them out. I am so worried about a late frost, but for the next week, it seems to be okay. But you can never trust the weather forecast in this neck of the woods.

My cukes are doing so-so. 1 canning cuke is doing relatively well, 2 mexican cucumbers are showing iddy-biddy true leaves and that’s about it. The Marketmore ones didn’t even want to germinate. Perhaps they were old seeds. The dragon egg cucumbers also didn’t make it this spring. I had high hopes for them!

Of course all my zucchini/courgettes are doing well and all are showing true leaves. It’s amazing how well they are taking off.

I’m down to 3 parsnips, don’t ask me how or why, but it is so. No big loss there.

I have 3 pumpkin plants, and I hope that they will make it through the summer.

I think that’s about it right now. I will try to video if I have the chance. It’s hard when there’s so much other things going on, but I got the lawn mowed yesterday (always a worry between downpours!) so there’s another week of rest for that part of gardening.

My helper, Tobi the cat, is enjoying that I’m home again. I think he’s come way too short the last few months. It’s our time together now. He enjoys following me in the garden when I work, but of course never too far away from his safe haven of the apartment.

And with that, happy gardening,




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