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May 15, 2012--bloom day

15 May 2012
Sunny 28°C / 82°F

I’ve picked and chosen the photos. A lot of the blooming plants have stepped past their best. But I’m still happy.

Showing: Beidermeier columbine, little volunteer viola, peonies, roses, Solomon’s seal.

~Felicite Parmentier are putting out all kinds of new growth
~Jewelweed seems established
~Peonies are overblown and lush
~Roses are toppling over—need to prune
~Southern Nights Tomato is seriously outpacing the others—it’s at least 15 inches tall and flowering.
~Something keeps trying to dig up Marigold seeds
~Strawberries are winding down. I need to watch the runners.
~Spinach = fail. Wonder if it has something to do with the possible nitrogen draft from those un-decomposed sticks under the soil… Or possibly the heat.
~Lettuce is lovely. Black seeded simpson is really nice.
~Peppers are settled into their new transplant homes (both fataliis and habaneros), but not growing substantially, yet.



I love the color of your violets! They’re wonderful!

Posted on 16 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

I have not seen one little johnny jump up this year. They are usually everywhere and I love that about them.
Your roses are beautiful. They look so nice and heavy/full. Do they smell as pretty as they look? :-)
Aren’t Solomon’s seal blooms so dainty?

Posted on 16 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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