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Taking the stinkbug fight outside..

12 May 2012
Rainy 27°C / 81°F

Ok, so today I found a few stink bugs hanging out on the choke cherry tree. Since they’re already there, and that tree is in an “out of the way” part of the yard, I put my first outdoor baited trap up in that tree.

Last year I deployed the traps near my crops, which did result in decent capture rates, but I’m also thinking it drew the bugs into the garden more. This year, I’m trying to focus on drawing them away from my gardens and deck areas, and only deploying traps in bushes and shrubs that are out-of-the way.

I’m also planting marigolds and onions in the garden, in hopes of repelling them, if only just enough to make the traps more attractive than the garden..

I also deployed two LED light baited traps inside the attic areas on the house. The one in the main attic trapped a few bugs right after I put it in, but hasn’t trapped any since. It’s been hot and sunny enough outside that I’m pretty sure there are no stink bugs left in the attic (or those which are in there have been cooked). Strangely I continue to find them inside the master bath and office, but I don’t know where they are coming from….

The trap over the garage attic on the other hand has been continuing to trap bugs (or at least was when I checked it last weekend). However, that attic is much cooler as it doesn’t really get the heavy afternoon sun on it, so there’s probably still bugs coming out of the woodwork in there. Despite that trap pulling in dozens of bugs, I have been finding bugs in the garage spaces. I killed 6 tonight that were buzzing around the light after I left it on.

We’ll see how all of this works… I also plan on deploying summer weight row cover, diatomaceous earth and/or kaolin clay (ie: surround) to keep the garden damage down this year. In general I’m regarding this year as a series of experiments in management strategy…

Ok, so I just went out with a flashlight, and squashed 14 bugs off the trunk of this chokecherry tree. I did not find any on: railing garden plants, main garden plants, autumn blaze maple (but I did find a slug about 8’ up??) silver maple, sand cherry, yoshino cherry. I also found quite a few ants and spiders on the choke cherry (one spider moved inside the trap already).. I threw down some ant baits at the base of the tree to try to do a bit of population control.



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