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14 May 2012
Cloudy 24°C / 75°F

Getting home from work late, not much light left in the sky, still determined to do some patio work. So i decided to plant my okra and watercress today. okra was easy, toss it dirt, done. the watercress was a little more tricky. After advice from my mentor i decided to try a growing style i saw in her apt. since watercress is plant grown in water or very very wet dirt, almost mud, it needs to be moist all the time!!! so instead of worrying about the water amount i decided to take three of my larges water bottles, cut it in have, put some holes in the cap, stuff it with sponge, and fill it with dirt, i will place the top portion upside down on the bottom portion that’s filled with water, and voila! it will constantly water itself!!!

Everything is slowly blooming, i’m soo excited. i’m hoping to add a blueberry plant or a raspberry plant in my patio very very soon…

my huckleberry and twilight peppers will be on watch for the next couple of months!!! i’m so excited!!!

I’m running out of space for the dogs to run around, everything is so crowded!!!



Looks good! Did you prewater the dirt as well? It helps.

Posted on 14 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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