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Someone's gonna bloom soon!

12 May 2012
Sunny 24°C / 75°F

So, i came home from a tired day of work, the first thing i do is check on my plants. what do i find? a pile of dog vomit, and in the center, some green leaves. upon inspection, i find that my pitbull had tried to eat my rose bush!!! not once! But twice!! how do i know? because there was two piles vomit!!! Out of all the things for him to eat, he choose the plant with the thorns!!! not a very smart dog!!!

I checked my plant to see if it was all right, didn’t look like much damage had been done, he at least stayed away from the blooms and tried out the leaves! Good heavens, i will i knew what he was thinking before he decided to comp down on it!

Upon closer inspection on one of my buds, I see a peek a boo of some beautiful yellow coming through! Someone’s gonna bloom very soon!




Sounds like Dante needs some roughage in his diet. Envy will eat the grass outside when she needs a little green. Bought her some wheat grass one day and the bitch wouldn’t touch it! Whatever. ^ ~*

Posted on 14 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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