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Startup 2012

06 May 2012
Sunny 20°C / 68°F

I cleared the old mulch off the garden and ran the roto-tiller over it. I had an extra cubic foot of peat so I added that, a bin of compost, and most of a box of bone meal. Re-applied the old mulch, but it’s pretty poor coverage right now. Need to apply a few bags of new stuff. Put the fence stakes in as well. No plants in yet, but the forecast says we should be clear of frost so I’m not going to wait for the long weekend.

Rented a plot at the salvation army community garden this year (G-9). The soil looks pretty good underneath the layer of turned-over grass. It’s going to need breaking up before I can plant anything, and it’s still missing a couple posts to mark out the boundaries.

Since I’ve got extra room now I also planted four seeds of butternut squash, hopefully there’s still enough time to get those going. Right now on the deck I’ve got four pots containing the blackberries, four plants of the Tristar strawberries that I took out of the planter, the new Eversweet strawberries, and one Tiny Tim. I also noticed that I’ve only got one sickly-looking Sweetie tomato plant, the others were actually peppers that I must have transplanted into the sweetie pods. Those seeds are only a year old, they must be pretty fragile. Maybe I’ll try saving some if that plant survives.



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