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Back, for a while at least!

05 May 2012
Cloudy 11°C / 52°F

Well, the weeks of being gone have passed, however the sadness is still quite there. I did some gardening (great for the soul too!), and am happy that the stress of the last few weeks are behind me. It’s been quite a tough year in general, but I am happy I have my garden to keep me occupied when I need some “me time.”

I have uploaded a new video of my garden to youtube: for anyone who is interested. I am also uploading some pics to flickr, so we’ll se how that goes. I received an iPad for easter/my birthday/christmases for the next 3 years, and I tried taking pics and videos with that. We’ll see how the reaction is.

Soon I am off again to the beautiful countryside of West Yorkshire. I am so looking forward to it. A bit of downtime and “getting away from it all” seems to be the right thing. Although, I do miss just being at home without the daily grind. Knowing me, however, I’d not really sit still at all if I would be home!!!

I apologize for the untidy garden, but as you know, I’ve been distracted with other things. :) I rounded up yesterday, got some weeding done, and potted up some onions. I’m terrified of potting up my tommys, as I seem to always kill them in the process.

I’ll have 5 parsnips this year, which seems to be a good number for the monsterous ones I harvested last year! I have also planted carrots directly into the graveyard garden, but I am not sure how they will be doing. My zucchini’s/courgettes are doing absolutely fabulous, the cukes not so well. I am getting the hang of greenhouse gardening, I think, but it’s so different than what I’m used to. The castor oil plant that was so beautiful sort of got frostbitten, but it’s coming back. The Passionflower is so-so. Neither her nor there, you know.

My cosmos are thriving, as are my sunflowers. I will probably plant them out after I get back from Yorkshire. My sweet peas are looking quite sad, but they haven’t died yet. :) I hope with some real rain, it will get better. We’re looking a bit sad on the rain-front at the moment, but I think it should be okay with time. Nothing has blatantly died since I planted them out.

Well, I guess that’s just about it from me, but I wanted to wish everyone a great spring and warm and sun-filled days.




Hope your “me-time” brings you some comfort. Your garden is looking good!

Posted on 06 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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