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Painting, Blooms, and Harvest

05 May 2012
Cloudy 16°C / 61°F

The painting on the mobile pasture shelter is done! The weather cooperated and I was able to get primer and two coats of paint on. Sadly, the feed store didn’t have the wheels in yet so I can’t quite finish the pasture shelter this weekend. In the meantime though I think I can put the hardware cloth and roof on, set up the fence and have the chickens on the front or side yard. The shelter is heavy so it’s not going very far until I get those wheels installed!


  1. Harvest: Lettuce mix, spinach, pansy, Johnny Jump-up, kale, green onion (overwintered from last year), and garlic chives. This afternoon I also harvested chives, thyme, and rosemary for my frittata.
  2. My new “Sickle Knife” that I picked up from Lee Valley about a month ago. I have used it several times now and I am finding it very useful. It does a great job of cutting leaf lettuce and today I found it quite easy to get in and thin out just the lettuce plants that were too close together. The only disappointing thing about it is that it is not sharpened on both sides, so I don’t think it could be used left handedly. While I’m right handed, I sometimes wind up using tools with my left hand to get into tight spaces, or just because my right hand is tired. It also means that any left handed helpers won’t be able to use the tool.
  3. The daffodil mix that I bought late last fall from Walmart is blooming. They’re quite pretty, and it’s nice that they have started blooming just after my other
    daffodils have finished.
  4. My peony is finally breaking dormancy. It looks like it’s stretching after a long winter’s sleep.
  5. The painted pasture shelter. (It’s on its side and propped up a bit so that I could reach the base.)
  6. Pictured below: I’m growing multiplier onions for the first time and they’ve really taken off over the past few days. Looks like they’re multiplying!




lovely harvest!

Posted on 06 May 12 (about 7 years ago)

Such an abundance of beautiful edibles!

Posted on 06 May 12 (about 7 years ago)


Folia Helper


So colorful!

Posted on 06 May 12 (about 7 years ago)

Beautiful bowlfull!

Posted on 07 May 12 (about 7 years ago)

i have never seen a more beautiful garden salad! You’re harvesting more food than I; doesn’t sound like any of those plants need early Spring frost protection so I can only assume………great garden planning.
My peonies are a little taller but sometimes I think I’d rather have the food. I love reading notes on both gardeners who are waaaaay ahead or ‘flipped’ in their season….as well as those who are close to my gardening schedule. Very exciting.

Posted on 08 May 12 (about 7 years ago)

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