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05 May 2012
Partly Sunny 14°C / 57°F

So today was nice enough for me to head out and start moving plants that I have previously had in the ground into containers. There is two reasons, one a spinal injury has made it so getting on the ground to weed or tend too hard. Secondly, the house we have called home for the last 9 years is up for sale. If I have to move, I am taking my plants with me.
So Anyways, my darling husband and I were talking about one container that I had recently put a rose in. He commented that the rose would do better if it got move light. As I stared to weed,pulling the large leaves and flower stems of a plant, my husband asked me what it was. I shrugged saying I could not remember if I planted it or if it was a wild planting. I had to get his help to pull the “weed” out. Come to find out it was horse radish that I had planted back some 3 years ago. I had thought the root I had planted rotted away Come to find out that it has variegated leaves. I never knew. . So I transplanted some in each of my potato pots to help deter beetles.



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