Seed Swaps

April 30; April showers bring May flowers

30 Apr 2012
Storms 30°C / 86°F

The Columbine bloomed! This is good, because the buds look like some kind of creature from the movie Alien, and I was worried. But now I am reassured and even delighted. The false indigo is lovely, too. (Photos 1 & 2, and 5)

The first iris blooms are dying off. had problems getting a good photograph, mostly because they’re white and I haven’t gotten to them at a good time of day. Played with the auto-correct on Photoshop, and voila! Lovely! (Photos 3 & 4).

One of the peonies is ALMOST open. If I stuff my nose right up to it, I can smell that delirious perfume.

And my roses arrived. We’re due for a week of storms, but maybe the skies will give me a break for long enough to plant them. Holes are already dug—I would’ve liked to dig them a little deeper, though. For now, the roses get to look out the window and listen to the thunder, just like me.




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