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Sun/Shade patterns

29 Apr 2012
Sunny 18°C / 64°F

I am making something of a study of the sun and shade patterns in various parts of the property. I generally know what is full sun and full shade. There are large trees on neighbor lots, whose shade progresses as the sun moves through the day. The east-west line runs diagonally through the house from the back corner of the backyard to the front Corner Bed. The south and southwest sides of the house are generally unobstructed.


Porch Bed
South Fenceline
Stump Bed (except right around the red maple)
Corner Bed (except right around the red maple)


Rock garden and ivy patch next to the driveway
Gate area
Most of the “official” Shade Bed, parts dappled
Back corner of the backyard
Front corner of backyard behind the shed*

*Just occurred to me I could be using this vacant area as a nursery bed for part-shade and shade plants.

I observed the yard at 9AM and at 2PM. Mostly begun because I was looking for AMshade/PMsun for two new hydrangeas.

Backyard around the shed
Far end of the shade bed
In the dog run we were using to compost leaves


Left of front steps
Semicircular north-side bed
far end of front fenceline
center of the backyard
south wall of the house

Decided to plant the hydrangeas at either end of the shade beds. The center is the shadiest part.

I need more full sun areas. I think I can only get that by tearing down the rickety shed and removing the overgrown and outdated arborvitae hedge along the front fence. But first, I have to empty the shed. To do that, I need to make room in the garage to store the tarps, buckets, etc. And I have to get the backyard looking less junky, before I take away the screen of the hedge. I can plant fast-growing roses along the fence after, and keep them pruned to the top of the fence,


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