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29 Apr 2012
Rainy 15°C / 59°F

Weather wasnt great this weekend so not a lot of activity. Finally finished the fence next to the orchard though by stringing lots of wire through it.

We bought 10 fruit trees 8 weeks ago and 8 of them are looking great either in blossom or showing leaf growth. But we are starting to get a bit worried about our 2 apple trees (pommiers). They havent shown and green shoots or signs of life. They may just be late and the weather has been cold but weve sent pictures to the pepinieres who sold them to us to see what he thinks. We also put some fertiliser down (8-10-17) to see if that helps.

Peas and broad beans went in today and a box of mesclun salad. The asparagus is really starting to sprout and the garlic look OK, despite the incessant rain.





Folia Helper


Most of our apples are in full bloom, but there are some that – just like yours – aren’t budding yet.
They are just late I guess…

Posted on 29 Apr 12 (over 3 years ago)

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