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Of a New Plant and Fertilizer

26 Apr 2012
Storms 22°C / 72°F

I bought four new plant varieties today, as well as a put to put them all in (they look fantastic; photos when it isn’t raining), and some fertilizer. My tomatoes have 14 buds at last count. The mint just keeps growing! Not monitoring the peppers. I did give everything outside a bit of fertilizer, and I will give a bit to the seedlings when the rain stops. I discovered Front Range Gardens on Wadsworth and 101st today, and It Is Glorious! I walked in and was astounded by color and life and variety! There were row upon row upon row of plants, and I wanted them all! I settled for some pineapple sage, some marigolds, some asters, and a perilla. I’m satisfied; they look really good together. I’m really looking forward to my seedlings sprouting! I think I’m gonna have to get a nice, large windowbox to put on the railing for the radishes. The impatiens and alyssums will need to go in pots with some greens, and I’ll definitely have to send some impatiens with Malxe to work. I want to turn our balcony into a lush oasis, something incredibly comfortable to sit on all damn day and night. I want smaller patio furniture; a basic bistro set. Gotta have room to be surrounded by plants, after all!



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