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Morning update

24 Apr 2012
Cloudy 20°C / 68°F

The mint is climbing up the wall. It seems pretty determined, so I’m gonna let it. The tomatoes have sprouted new buds. I’m really looking forward to devouring my first home-grown tomatoes. When at the store the other day, I saw some tomato plants that already had unripe fruit. I thought at the time it would have been nice to have gotten one of those instead, to have fruit sooner, but I’ve just realized, I’d rather grow them completely myself. I’d rather see the little blossoms, and watch the tomatoes grow from nothing. Okay, not nothing. I didn’t sow the seeds. But whatever. None of the outside plants were drooping, so I didn’t water any of them. The inside pots were a little dry, though, so I gave them a bit. I may update later if I feel the need to.



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