Seed Swaps

Transplanting Day

24 Apr 2012
Sunny 18°C / 65°F

On Saturday I transplanted all of my peppers and tomato plants, roughly 40 plants total. This year is a trial year for varieties, so I have considerable diversity with no repeats for peppers, and six tomato types.

For the last few seasons, I have used a hand written square foot gardening grid plan. I write this on a 11×14 sheet of paper, which has my whole back yard mapped out. The raised beds are divided into the 16 SFG squares.

Since each plant has a square dedicated, it makes placement pretty easy. I just look on my sheet and match the seedling cup name to the square and set it in the square. Once all of the cups are placed, I can quickly dig the holes and do the transplants. Having the paper map makes a huge difference!

After finishing the planting, I placed my supports around the plants and then I used some plastic sheeting and laid it over top to provide sun shielding. The plants had already been outside hardening off, but I’m trying to be more thorough this season.

It’s worked out well too, since the weather has basically been cloudy or raining since saturday, the soaking, low heat and low sunshine have probably been helpful for getting the plants off to a good start.

I had to part ways with the Early Purple Broccoli to make space for the transplants, but it was definitely an interesting plant to grow. I’ve included pics again so you can see it. I also picked out a French Breakfast radish, they’ve very cool looking, mine were a bit more thick than what I typically see in the catalogs. You can see their growth in the bottom right of the picture. Also in the picture, you’ll notice the plastic sheeting covering my peppers and tomatoes. In the middle box, you’ll notice the garlic which has grown very well.




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