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Bootstrap sweet potato harvest/ replanting

22 Apr 2012
Rainy 15°C / 59°F

A year ago I started two sweet potatoes, and let them grow vines. At the end of last February I planted out my first slips of these vines.

Saturday I dug up the planter where they were planted and harvested the tubers; replanting the vines on all eight sections of the stadium planter, adding and mixing in bone meal enriched soil to replace soil used up by last year’s crops. I did not fertilize with a tuber harvest in mind, but used nitrogen with greens in mind. This latest stage is planted with a continual harvest of tubers in mind, now that I have shown that they are evergreen in my area.

There are a few slips left over: I think I may be able to get these planted as well. I am planting a lot of sweet potatoes because I want a baseline crop that will be self-sustaining and continually harvestable, as needed. In my small patio, this will represent a constant renewable food source- one thing I was trying for when I began my project here in the inner city.

1: Sweet potatoes from original two
2: Vines growing from slips planted two months ago
3. Stadium planter freshly replanted with sweet potatoes




Hooray! That looks like a fine harvest!

Posted on 23 Apr 12 (about 4 years ago)

Especially fine considering it was only two to start. It was a surprise to me. Now for setting up drip irrigation, so my 10 days away in a couple weeks won’t be too bad for the garden. I feel compelled to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Oahu, to cheer them up. Maybe I’ll also enjoy a fresh mango.

Posted on 24 Apr 12 (about 4 years ago)

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