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Onions and tomatoes

19 Apr 2012
Rainy 17°C / 63°F

Today, the onions went out. We got started late, so we went ahead and bought sets instead of starting from seed like we had originally hoped. I used a $1.00 child’s place mat to make a grid. I cut it to a 12×12″ square, then marked off 9 equal sections. I cut out the holes and used that to get my onions placed evenly within their garden area. I’ve made another one to serve as a 4-square and a 16-square for some of my other vegetables. I figure the plastic grids should be easy to clean and reusable from year to year, so worth the $2 investment.

The tomatoes and cucumbers went outside today for the first time. It was an overcast, 60-degree day with not much wind, and they did well. I’m hoping to get them into the ground in about a week and a half or two weeks. But, we’ve got family visiting next week, and I can just see someone “helping” by transplanting them out without them being hardened off, so I thought I should go ahead and get started on that!

I didn’t get to any of the flower beds today, as it was too cool to spend too much time out, and it looked like rain all day (though none ended up falling.) Nonetheless, it was a good garden day for me.




Great idea about the place mats!

Posted on 19 Apr 12 (about 4 years ago)

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