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Last Weekend

19 Apr 2012
Rainy 29°C / 84°F

We started working on the patch near the driveway on the weekend. Its a triangular patch which is mostly shaded by a large camellia. It was also covered in weeds and had a pile of dirt sitting there from some other job which the cat really loved to dig and roll in.

I went and picked some plants from the nursery and intended to just pop them in and worry about the rest of the mess later. Then I discovered that my hubby had bigger plans, he wanted to dig out some of the dirt to level it all, put weed mat down and spread pine bark mulch all over it…so I made much more work for him than I intended. Oops!

But now that he’s done that, he now agrees with what I wanted to do and wants me to plant even more than I was going to.

We ran out of time to finish it all, only 3 of the plants are in and the others are lined up along the fence ready to go in…jobs for this weekend!



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