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First in the ground! And, another up-potting

18 Apr 2012
Rainy 16°C / 61°F

Yes, it’s a bit late, but the potatoes are finally in. It took a bit to get the garden ready, being new at this and all! And then, of course, it rained and kids got sick. But, finally, they’re in. Our first planting. We’ll see if it works in spite of our mistakes!

And the tomatoes, which I noted had roots showing after just two days after I potted them into 16oz cups, have been potted up again. The roots were beginning to come out of the holes in the bottom of the cups, and I needed to get them deeper as well to let the stems root. But all I could find were 24 oz cups. They were the same width, but gave each plant an extra 2 inches (vertically) of potting mix. I’m about to start hardening them off in the next few days, and I’m hoping the weather stays nice and pleasant over the next several weeks. We’re only 1 week out from our “Safe Date” to plant, so, we’ll see!




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