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future plans

14 Apr 2012
Rainy 23°C / 73°F

the main picture is in the back yard and is where the old chicken coop once stood …..this was here since charlie was a child …..after the family bought the farm and we stayed behind the chickens moved upstate with them …..just recently we decided to bring them back to the old homestead ……we have talked about it for years and this year finally did it , now the old coop in my opinion sat too close to the woodlands so we moved the new coop right next to the house for protection and today when we dismantled what was left of the old coop this incredible fertile soil came into view so I have decided once we haul the rubbish away we will make this plot into a new woodland medicinal garden … to this rubbish pile was an old milk can that sort of looked nice with the periwinkle in bloom ……we also started the new high tunnel behind the garden where there is nothing but rock so just to put those two hoops up in the next picture took half the day ….to think there are 4 more to go …….ugghhh ……okay then the next pic is a naked front of the house as charlie removed all the forsythia because he hated it ….all except for the one remaining bush I begged him to keep in the chicken run for cover for them … we plan to make a 4 season garden complete with sitting area and stone path ……the last pic is betony she looks so mad LOL …..this weekend has been so much fun : )




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