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April Chilli Reflections

13 Apr 2012
Sunny 12°C / 54°F

Well the aphids finally seem to be under control (having sprayed with a Pyrethrum based poison), and I’ve moved some Borage in, to keep on top of things (Borage is a great Companion Plant, for pretty much anything afflicted with aphids, the hairy leaves act as an “aphid attractor” and the little buggers get stuck away from the things that really matter).

The Chillies are looking various stages of happy (from “seriously un” to “romping away gleefully”). The smaller plants don’t seem to have appreciated the poison, and I’ve got a serious case of “yellow/sickly/sulky” going on. A single Rocoto is obviously some sort of mutant, because it’s 3 times the size of everything else and seems to be completely indestructible, despite utter neglect.

In attempting to control aphids by hand squishing I “may” have inadvertantly pinched out the growing tip of quite a few specimens…. Is there a record for the bushiest 3 inch tall Chilli in the world, I wonder? Watch this space, and I’ll post pics for giggles

Things I’ve learned this year, so far:

Even with lights, the end of December is far too early. A month later for the Chinense, and (possibly) a month after that for the Annuums is fine. To be fair, I knew this already, but those itchy hands just couldn’t wait!

5:1:1 on the compost/vermiculite/perlite has been far too free draining (although it seemed to work well last year). Maybe it’s the grade/brand of the additives, but the watering has been super hard to judge and many things have suffered from serious under-watering (I’ve also been over-compensating for the over-watering of last year)

The bathroom windowsill seems to be more conducive to Chillies than any other environment in the house, so far. Is it the humidity that’s helping things along? The Mystery Anuum Selection is looking lovely

Spray mature plants with poison before bringing in to overwinter!

The Back Bedroom Grow is less than 1/2 the size of The Conservatory Grow (previous Chilli space)… So why did I think I could get twice as many Chilli plants into it?

I need to buy a greenhouse (not that I have anywhere to put it… Maybe we need to move house again?)

Despite all the mishaps… Growing Chillies is still one of my favourite things in the world!

And to end on a positive note… My (aphid free) Fatalii on the Dining Room Windowsill are currently dripping with buds, which leaves me extremely hopeful regarding sampling Ostyra’s “Peaches and Scream” later in the year! The over-wintered Trinidad Scorpion is also extremely smug looking (which is good, because there’s only half a jar of “Scorpion Sauce” left)






Folia Helper


Oh yes, Borage was the thing I still had to sow today! Thank you for reminding!

Posted on 14 Apr 12 (about 4 years ago)

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