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Frosty morning impatience

11 Apr 2012
Frosty 2°C / 35°F

It’s a frosty April morning, and all the seedlings are snug in the cold frame…

Yesterday I pruned the lilac, since most of the blooms had died off, but there doesn’t seem to be much else happening in the garden. The seedlings are slowing down—I think it’s the chill, because even the weeds seem to be slowing. Nothing else has bloomed, and it’s too soon to direct-sow the last seeds. Grr. So my primary tasks have been putting the new patio furniture together, mowing the lawn and fretfully waiting.

And one of the things I’m fretfully waiting for is the arrival of the roses. They’re due to ship early next week. I’ll plant my Felicite Parmentiers next Saturday, and then drive down to MIL’s on Sunday to plant her St. Christopher’s. (Insert foot-tapping and calendar-checking.)

Very excited for those roses. And also looking forward to the Cinicinnati Civic Garden Plant Sale that first weekend in May. Right now, on this frosty April morning, that seems AGES away…



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