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Under the Weather, Due to the Weather

10 Apr 2012
Snow 8°C / 46°F

Temps are back down today and we have snow. Which looks odd falling on the bright green grass that my husband has already mowed this season.

I could not breathe at all last night due to bronchial issues. Dreamed I was in the hospital, probably due to an extremely sore throat and developing ear infection. My poor husband got thrown out of my hospital room in the dream for putting stickers all over my chart. Since he is always caring and solicitous when I am ill, that was rather odd. He does tend to irritate hospital staff, though. Mostly because he feels they should be able to tell him what is wrong with me and make me feel better instantly!

So the gardening is going slowly today. I am going to focus on all of the indoor work which has fallen behind due to Easter celebrations. I think I can get stuff repotted and planted even though I am not especially alert. Just lying in bed thinking about my pain will not make anything better, however. Tending to my beautiful, healthy, and happy seedlings just might!




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