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Gorse (Ulex europaeus)

10 Apr 2012
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Last week a couple of us had spent some time in one of the local reserves I am involved with and found a area of Gorse that needed to be dealt with..( In Australia Gorse is a Weed of National Significance and needs to be controlled).

Although its a native of Western Europe, over here it causes a huge problem to not only Nature Reserves but farmland as its an invasive lifecycle causes huge problems. So the sooner we can control it and keep up regular monitoring, we should be able to keep it from spreading. Most of the time if its a small infestation, cutting and painting/spraying with a mixture of Roundup and water usually does the trick.Yet regular monitoring of this invasive weed is important.

Not only that, when I was there yesterday, (having a bit of a bbq) all I could see was Canary Broom (Genista canariensis). Most of the time if its a smallish plant, pulling it out by hand and taking it away to the tip is probably the best way of removal. Not only that, if it is already covered in seed, bagging it prior to removal is best. The reserve I was in yesterday is one I have been going to for years and for some reason, probably ignorance on my side, it was never removed. But now is another matter.. (sorry no piccies on this one as yet).

There is loads of thistles to be removed, chipping them out and taking them away may be the best way of removing them at the moment. Its all going to take time, yet one day at a time is all I can do, along with a couple of willing helpers will make a bit of a difference.

The Reserve is too important to let the weeds take over and displace the native vegetation, so will keep regular updates on how its all going.




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