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Chicks – Day 19 Roosts!

07 Apr 2012
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Yesterday I harvested cedar from the forest (more on that another time) for a number of purposes. The one that is most interesting from a photo perspective is for chick roosts.

The chicks seem to want to roost on my hand or on the side of the box, so I figure they’re ready for some roosts in their brooder. I cut the cedar a little longer than the box sides, made some notches and fit the cedar in place. The chicks now have space to roost!

They behaved pretty much the same way they do with any new object in the brooder. I few run away like a giant monster is coming after them, some pay almost no attention whatsoever and continue to scratch & eat, and some are very curious and want to see if the new object is edible. It didn’t take them long to jump up to the roosts, sit, and fly off of them. I’m curious to see whether they’ll sleep on them, or if they’ll still bed down in the litter at night. I hope to be able to tell in the morning.

1 – “What is this item you call a roost?”
2 – “Does it taste good?”
3 – “Oh, that’s what this is for!”
4 – “Yeah, like whatever, I know what a perch is.”
5 – No roost in this shot, but I don’t seem to get many photos of them standing tall, so I thought it might be interesting.




They look like they have less and less ‘fuzz’ on them. growing up and so cute that they want to sit up on a roost.
Posted on 08 Apr 12 (about 6 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8b

What a wonderful idea, they clearly love it! :D

Posted on 09 Apr 12 (about 6 years ago)

I’ve never thought to introduce a roost so early, but clearly it’s a good idea!

Posted on 09 Apr 12 (about 6 years ago)

Fabulous photos. I think you should get a “Harvest Day” badge for the cedar – not something many people could claim! :)

Posted on 09 Apr 12 (about 6 years ago)

@glgardener I think they’ll probably be pretty much all feather by the end of the week.

@Tralamander, @flowerweaver They do seem to be enjoying it. When I checked on them this morning they were going from one end of the brooder to the other hopping on and off the roosts in between. Some of them seem to sit for quite a while on the roost. My only concern is that if I make the Ussery-style mobile pasture shelter, the roosts will be square from using milled lumber. I’m not sure if they’ll turn their noses up at that, but I guess I could always try and top the 2×2s (which serve double duty as collar ties, stringers, and roosts) with larger pieces of cedar.

@LouiseM Thanks! I don’t know that I actually recorded a harvesting milestone. I am planning to make trellises with the rest, so I’ll probably record it when I journal about the trellises. I have quite a bit of cedar forest and smaller cedars growing in clearings, so I’m trying to use them when I can rather than having to buy materials and haul them home.

Posted on 09 Apr 12 (about 6 years ago)

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