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Apricot flowering and roots are sprouting

27 Mar 2012
Sunny 16°C / 61°F

Summertime has started, so I can go to the allotment every evening after work. And I got a nice surprise yesterday: the apricot ‘Kioto’ has a few flowers! I can already imagine myself eating a nice juicy apricot, hehe. Also the first root crops are showing above ground: the first mashua (añu), crosne and paleleaf woodland sunflowers have all come up. Ever so slowly, the garden is transformed from a barren stretch of soil into a real garden.

The continuing sunny spring weather is really inviting to work in the garden. But it also has a less pleasant side effect: my rain water is already finished… I’m now watering the seed beds with surface water but I’m not quite sure what substances may be in there… Well, can’t do anything about it so I may as well enjoy the sunshine for as long as it lasts!




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