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Transplanted: Autumn clematis (it will now have room to roam!)

24 Mar 2012
Storms 24°C / 75°F

Today I replaced an unhappy 7-foot-tall palm tree along our front fence with an autumn clematis vine that was trying to overrun our back patio. The clematis will now have a chance to grow to its full potential.

A few days ago I used my machete (ROAR!) and my switchblade hand saw (DOUBLE ROAR!) to hack and saw the palm tree down.

Today I dug out the palm tree stump and wheelbarrowed it to the street (to be picked up later this week), painstakingly removed Bermuda grass and Florida betony from the area, mixed in 3 bags of county compost, set up the trellis (2 pressure-treated deck railings), pounded in stakes to hold the trellis in place, dug up the autumn clematis, planted it, and watered it — just as a thunderstorm rolled in — perfect timing!




I’m impressed! Welcome to the sisterhood of the machete! Nice trellis, too!

Posted on 25 Mar 12 (over 7 years ago)

A machete and a switchblade hand saw – that ought to keep any nosy neighbours out of the garden! :P

I like your idea of using deck railings for a trellis.

Posted on 26 Mar 12 (over 7 years ago)

Thanks! One of my neighbors received a chain saw for Christmas, so even though my machete and switchblade saw are super-cool, I don’t think that they’d win a yard tools battle around here. :)

Posted on 26 Mar 12 (over 7 years ago)

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