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Breaking Spring

19 Mar 2012
Storms 25°C / 77°F

Here in northern Illinois we barely had a winter, with temps often hovering in the mid-40s. While I won’t complain much about that, I fear it may confuse my plants. We are accustomed to skipping spring and going from frigid to frightfully hot overnight, but usually that happens in may. This year it seems like most of the winter felt like spring, and here we are in the midst of a heatwave at the apex of the spring equinox. Temps have hit highs near 90 all week long, and while we’ve had a couple of overnight showers there has not been nearly enough spring rain.

While I am thoroughly enjoying the unseasonable weather, it has had the effect of turning me into a very lazy gardener very early in the year. There’s a weird mental trick going on. It is time to plant the peas, but since it doesn’t FEEL like it is time to plant the peas my brain and body are on strike. They have given in to the illusion that it is summer. Since nothing else is ready to plant (and I wouldn’t dare anyway, as it is as likely to snow in a week or two as it is to continue with this bizarre breath of Satan heat wave) – all my body wants to do is play and lounge about drinking lemonade.

Fortunately, I do have a good helper I can instruct on the heavy work. We have the beds turned over very early early this year, I am actually on plan sowing cover crops. Today I swear I will prune the raspberries and sow the sweet clover

1. Laying mulch, turning beds
2. Orchard from the SW corner
3. Front lawn, plums entering full bloom already!
4. Orchard from the SE side
5. Prairie dog town, mostly fallow, garlic going strong.




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