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Fruit & Asparagus updates

19 Mar 2012
Overcast 29°C / 84°F

The Keiffer pear that I bought from Lowe’s is breaking dormancy! I was starting to worry about it, but fortunately needlessly.

The black mulberry and redbud from Chestnut Hill still show no signs of life. Hopefully soon… The Pineapple pear and dogwoods and pomegranates and blueberries from the same shipment are mostly growing well.

The blueberries and blackberries are all looking fantastic!

This weekend in the Blackberry bed: Mixed in 5 bags of county compost, then topped with 4 wheelbarrow-fulls of mulch. Status: Complete except for end-of-row posts and wire supports to keep canes upright.

This weekend in the Asparagus bed: Firmed up the ridge around the top of the bed (to make watering easier), watered, gently added about an inch of soil around the growing asparagus, added edging (not incredibly attractive but it will hopefully keep the Bermuda grass out), filled in between the edging and the raised bed with wood chips from our cut down trees. Next weekend: Add mulch.

Photo #1: An Ouachita blackberry
Photo #2: A Natchez blackberry
Photo #3: The freshly mulched blackberry bed
Photo #4: The freshly edged asparagus bed




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