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Papa Bear's Paradise: Cleaned Out Our Future Hummingbird Garden

19 Mar 2012
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We moved in to our new house in October of 2011 and have not had a chance to do much until this Spring. The Square Foot Garden is still on schedule, and today we cleaned up an area in our front yard, right in front of our big living room window, that will soon become our new Hummingbird Garden.

We cleaned out some dead leaves, picked a few weeds, and dug up well over 100 grape hyacinth bulbs that neither of us were happy with. I am currently trying to make a trade of these for something interesting..possibly tulips.

On March 17th, we planted a lilac bush in the corner of our new Hummingbird Garden. We have also left a few flowers (more on these later) in the bed that we are just not quite sure of what they are yet. My guess is daffodils and daylillies. We will see! They are all growing well.

We put up a new hummingbird feeder on a plant hook and used the second side for a pot of pansies. I also dug in a couple of stepping stones in front of our large ‘Reading Rock’. It looks pretty good now, but it will get better once we know what plants are already established in this area.




Sounds lovely! Congrats on the new house and garden!

Posted on 21 Mar 12 (about 4 years ago)

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