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Spring Prep and Overwintered Harvest

16 Mar 2012
Cloudy 27°C / 81°F

Today I did a little bit of everything, I started by parting ways with my strawberry plants. My wife had reworked the retaining wall where they were planted, so I was storing them in the back yard for a friend who picked them up today.

I took soil readings on all of my beds, which took forever, but I’m glad I took the time. My readings on the raised beds showed low on Nitrogen, medium on Phosphorus, and high on Potassium.

I went outside to get things going and I started by pulling up my over-wintered carrots. They didn’t grow well last year due to being underneath my tomatoes and peppers. With my soil needing to be worked, I felt it was time for them to go, so I could get the beds ready.

I raked the beds, ground up the leaves, and added some manure.

With it being so uncommonly warm here, I decided I’d also do some direct sowing and take a shot at early start for some of these plants (beans, cucs, radishes).

After coming indoors again, I tallied the harvests of my carrots, with almost 3 lbs. My largest came from a 5oz imperator and a 7oz Du Doubs carrot. This was also my first appreciable harvest of the nantes style carrots, so I’m eager to see how they taste.




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