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Garlic Bites the Dust!

08 Mar 2012
Cloudy 10°C / 50°F

Well, I’m sad today,

I transplanted what was left of the garlic bulbs to the graveyard garden, and it seems, despite being in the cold greenhouse, they have gotten frost damage beyond repair. I planted them anyway, but I think they are truly kaputt.


I took out my mums from the greenhouse today, put them (in pots) outside, as I will be gone for a few days. I didn’t want them to get too dry and warm in the greenhouse. I also did the same for my Fuschia “Star Wars.” The tommys have gone out to the greenhouse, as well as the sweet peas. I needed to get the house “Tobi-fied” before I leave, and all possible allergens needed to go out while I’m gone.

I hope it neither gets too warm nor too cold for the little plants while I’m gone, but time will tell.





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