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Disappointed ... and satisfied.

05 Mar 2012
Partly Sunny 10°C / 50°F

I have this picture in my head of clouds of perfumed sweet-peas in every shade of cream through pale pinks, peach and brights too – looking forward to the summer reality of my sowings of a mix called ‘Incense Peach Cobbler’. Only 3, yes 3, have germinated! I’ve never had such poor results from fresh seed – some more are now soaking overnight for sowing on the morrow.

A satisfying couple of hours spent this afternoon, in warm sunshine (after overnight frost) moving old floor covering to smother more grass for raised bed sites. Planned out the location of two more beds and I have almost all the materials needed. One site is covered by a large sheet of plywood and here will go the pallet holders – boards hinged together at the corners – stacked one on top of the other to make a deeper bed. For now I’ve simply opened out one of them, on the ply, and will cover it with a plastic sheet to make a temporary cold frame, for use as plants become ready to leave the conservatory. I’m unable to actually erect this bed yet as there is a pile consisting of fencing panels and the sections of a shed, destined for hen housing, which are slap bang beside the area I intend using for said bed, making any work on it just too cramped for comfort.
I need some son brawn again – and to get the chook accommodation sorted!

All the raised beds are still very wet and sticky. Where I removed the parsnips the other day, from bed 4, I’ve roughly forked over to hasten workability.
I need to cover some areas I think, to warm things up a bit and start drying out the soil.
Raised bed 7 has a green film growing on the surface – that’s how wet they are. It is one that gets only very short periods of winter sun though. The leeks here have been nibbled off by rabbits – who’d have thought they would like them? I thought they’d be safe so didn’t bother with any barrier around this bed – another job for tomorrow.

DS2 saw a perigrine falcon today whilst out doing tree work and kites, gliding over, calling to one another, have accompanied my digging.

More ground elder patrol this afternoon – cleaned up fuel shed border and yes! there appear to be sweet rocket vounteers springing up, love-in-a-mist too. I just love seeing what decides to start growing each spring without my say so.

The rest of the Mullein volunteers are now all moved to the roadside bed – 27 in all.

Didn’t get to take any pictures today but have seen the first celandine and violet flowers – I’m satisfied – it really is spring!






Folia Helper

United States7b

You’ve been busy! I am ashamed to confess I have yet to sow one seed. Well, I guess there’s always tomorrow!

Posted on 06 Mar 12 (over 6 years ago)

Ohhh, sweet peas! I forgot all about sweet peas! I wonder if I still have time to start some…

Posted on 06 Mar 12 (over 6 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8b

I have 3 mystery plug plants that I’d be all too happy to send you (I’m running out of space and moving soon).
Here they are:

Posted on 07 Mar 12 (over 6 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

I have my 2nd trayful of Sweetpea seedlings to plant out shortly on the allotment. I have several more pkts of them to sow but I don’t know what I’ve done with them! I seem to have 100s of pkts of seeds in the GH down on the allotment! Especially after a fellow allotmenteer gave Gerry & me dozens of pkts last week! A lot I’ve put in my stash & indicated they are for swap!

Posted on 08 Mar 12 (over 6 years ago)

Celandines and violets – lovely.

Posted on 09 Mar 12 (over 6 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom10a

Well done on making such a good start!
I have my sweet pea seeds but I haven’t sown any yet either. The local shop only has John Innes seed compost rather than a peat based or reduced peat based seed compost. So I shall have to make do with that.

Posted on 12 Mar 12 (over 6 years ago)

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