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Good Morning, Seedlings!

04 Mar 2012
-2°C / 28°F

More tomatoes are happily sprouting! Fifteen tiny seedlings so far. And they are lively little things! Every time I walk back to the laundry room I have to turn the tray as they are reaching for the sun. No grow lights there – I move the pellets whose seeds have all germinated to another tray in the bedroom where there is a fan to keep the air circulating and usually an old desk lamp or two for supplemental lighting. We are still too poor to buy grow lights. Unfortunately, my lamps bit the dust last year, so a trip to Goodwill is on the schedule. I don’t mind if the plants are a bit leggy because they always do fine once they are transplanted into their hardening off cups, but I don’t want them to be so spindly that they snap in two!

In celebration of my successful germinations, I am going to plant the rest of the big tomatoes today, along with my onions, shallots, and brassicas.




Yay for happy seedlings! AND their happy gardener!

Posted on 04 Mar 12 (over 5 years ago)

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