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03 Mar 2012
Cloudy 13°C / 55°F

Yeah, it’s not my strong suit, but the mess bugs me something terrible, so I am cutting up all the branches from pruning. Ugh, not my favorite. But it’s not too bad on a beautiful day, relatively warm, with the hardest job done. And doing it now before moving on to other tasks means I don’t have to fight with our super-fast-growing grass at the same time. I get comfortable on a straw bale and just keep on cutting. Two or three more big bundles and we’ll move on to prune the blackberries, raspberries and grapes.
Oreo has been sneaking out to my raised bed and prancing around in it. She probably wonders how I know, but those 3" paw prints all over my freshly planted seedbeds were the first clue. I called her over, and told her firmly to stay out of there. She’s smart, but kind of stubborn, so I may have to resort to black pepper, or fishing line, or mousetraps. Hey, maybe I could string some set mousetraps on fishing line, and if she brushes by them, they SNAP! Hahahaha that would scare her silly. Maybe she’d avoid the garden plot like she avoids the bathroom (the dreaded bath place). Ah, dog psychology….



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