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Potting up tomatoes, Super Thai peppers finally sprouting, Last broccoli harvest

02 Mar 2012
Cloudy 26°C / 78°F

Cherry tomatoes are super tough, which is one of many reasons I love them. My cherries are doing fine, but unfortunately my larger-fruited tomatoes started succumbing to “damping off” yesterday. I potted them up tonight after work, and only kept one each of fungally compromised Beefmaster and N-65 (after sprinkling each with cinnamon in hopes of giving them a fighting chance), but kept all 5 each of super-healthy-looking Sungolds and Sweet Millions. One for me, and 4 to share.

Today was the Super Thai pepper day! The first 4 sprouts appeared, all at once. The stevias also got motivated, and now there are sprouts in 5/8 cells.

And today was our final broccoli harvest of the year. Yum! But bummer…




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