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No more mudwalking...

25 Feb 2012
Overcast 10°C / 50°F

My garden needs more pavement! I have some stone paths but most of the “paths” in between the beds have turned into mudpools. Since I don’t like to walk in the mud every time I want to enter the garden, I have been looking around for some stones ‘for free’. And today I was in luck: I could obtain a bunch of 40×60 cm terrace tiles from someone, provided I myself would take them out from their terrace….

I figured that I would need about 50 tiles, but since I don’t have a trailer I’d have to drive from these people to my garden 4 times, every time transporting 12 stones! The drives were ‘adventurous’: the weight of the stones in the back was so high that I had to be really careful not to damage the car, and I had to choose a route along small roads to drive on so that I could drive slowly.

At the end of the day, my car had survived but my muscles were in need of fixing. Man, what a heavy job! But the results count: the central path is now completely paved, so I can walk the lenght of my garden without getting muddy (the secondary paths in between the beds still need paving, but that can be done with smaller stones later). In the pictures the difference speaks for itself!

Other things I did today:

  • Planted the Strawberries Elsanta and Ostara in the bed that I prepared last week
  • Planted the Ramsons out, in between the fruit trees
  • Planted out the seedlings of Pak Choi, several kinds of lettuce, Rucola and Chard in the greenhouse
  • Sowed some leeks in a seed tray (too early according to the seed package, too late according to other gardeners – we’ll see).

#1: new pavement
#2: before the pavement was put
#3: strawberries in their bed
#4: tiny plants in the greenhouse




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