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Organization? I got it. (Seed storage)

27 Feb 2012
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Finally got a seed storage system in place that I am happy with. I’ve found a variety of plastic containers in a range of sizes in the Bead section of the craft store. Each container is labeled with a sticker with the name and year collected. They are grouped together.

I was particularly excited to find the storage cylinders. Each has five snap off boxes that have several inner dividers so I can group plant species together, and/or organize by sowing date. The inside of each cylinder has a cavity for storing large seeds like beans and corn.

All of these containers are stored inside a larger plastic box which is then kept in the dark, cool downstairs closet.

My only complaint, and it is significant: the piss-poor quality of the plastic. I’ve already got some chipped / cracked corners. Still, the multiple layers of containment should keep out pests and moisture.

My swap stash is completely different. I store most of the seed in paper envelopes, cut in half, and labeled with the name, swap code and date of collection. These are stored in alphabetical order in my TOTALLY RADICAL JEM and the ROCKSTARS LUNCHBOX, which is kept in the fridge.

Photos 1 and 2 show the storage cylinder.
Photo 3 shows the outer container.
Photos 4 and 5 show the swap stash system in my totally awesome Jem lunchbox.




The cylinder storage container is pretty nifty, but I have to agree that the Jem and the Rockstars lunch box is TOTALLY RADICAL!

Posted on 27 Feb 12 (about 5 years ago)


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United Kingdom9a

As you’ll know, I’m playing with label designs, and I’d quite like what I’m doing to end up being useful to you, as one of those who’ve bothered to comment. I now have a tool where you can upload your stash.csv from Folia, check the boxes for just the items you want to label, and print them as 8-up, 18-up (for sticky labels) or C6 / DL envelopes. Would you mind evaluating and let me know to what extent it suits what you had in mind, or suggest improvements? In particular, it’s developed from a European perspective, so if you’d like me to support US envelope sizes or other labels, let me know what sort of media you want to use. All constructive suggestions & feedback welcomed…

Posted on 12 Mar 12 (about 5 years ago)


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I will check it out as soon as I get a chance, thanks for the invitation.

Honestly, I’m not sure how useful the CSV codes will be for me or how I would use them. I do have an iPhone, so if it turns out to be a handy thing to use out in the gardens I might love it. But I did a trial run using CSV code for data entry on a swap recently and it was as much work or more than just manually entering the swap-code.

I haven’t read the CSV threads closely yet, maybe the use value will become more apparent to me.

Posted on 12 Mar 12 (about 5 years ago)


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To avoid any terminological confusion… the thing that you read with your phone is a QR code (from Quick Response); the CSV file is your stash backup file (in Comma Separated Values format). How useful they are depends on how your phone works and how it handles the main Folia website, I know some have said that the ‘Remember login’ function doesn’t work and this is absolutely key. My phone’s browser will keep me logged in and load the page automatically on scan, so I scan the stash code, up comes the item’s stash page and I can add a new sowing straight from there. Much quicker than finding the stash item manually and planting from it (even on a proper computer).

Our use of the CSV file is limited to the user downloading it (because you’re the only person with access) and uploading it so the script can parse swap codes, plant names and genuses, from which we generate URLs and QR codes.

My hope at the moment is making a labelling system that works for however people store seeds. This is what I’m really looking to establish, whether we can get it to print to envelopes that you find in your local corner shop, or to labels that are compatible with whatever uses we have for labels. Exactly what we print on them can expand or contract to suit individual needs, but my first aim is that it works for the containers, envelopes and labels you’d naturally buy in Chicago and for the ones I’d naturally buy in London. Once we have that, I’ll happily add to or take away from what we print on them.

No hurry for a response whatsoever, but since you bothered to post on organising and labelling a seed stash and a swap stash I thought I’d seek your input. Comments invited…

Posted on 13 Mar 12 (about 5 years ago)

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