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25 Feb 2012
Cloudy 36°C / 97°F

I’m excited at the prospect of growing red bell peppers/ capsicum for the very first time. I had sown some green peppers earlier on and they havent sprouted yet so I was about to give up on these. Seeing those tender shoots breaking through the soil surface caused some excitement to well up in me.
I sprinkled some cinnamon over the soil to prevent any damping off, I red some where that it works and so far it has worked on my other seedlings:)





Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

Congratulations, DUKE! I grew some on the allotment last year but was very disappointed by the results. I had a bed the width of the plot & about 6 plants wide in which I grew about 70 plants. A few died but those that lived didn’t grow nearly as well as I’d expected & the crop was almost a waste of time & energy. All this was probably due to a cool summer here in the UK. I have some more seeds for this year which I’ll be sowing soon. I hope to get better results this year.

Posted on 29 Feb 12 (about 4 years ago)

Thanx Amarylis,I wish you all the best :-) I hope I get good results :D

Posted on 02 Mar 12 (about 4 years ago)

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