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Starting Seeds Indoors

23 Feb 2012
Snow 6°C / 43°F

I want to learn how to start seeds indoors so that I can have varieties that are not likely to be available at the nursery and to try to have better pest control for things like vine borers in squash.

February 18: installed 2 2-foot indoor lighting stands in the shed. I have 5 vegies planted and starting to sprout (cilantro, mustard, romaine, parsley, endive) and about 12 radicchio plants in small cups that have true leaves (turning purple!).

I’m following the suggestions made in a recent issue of Grit Magazine on how to plant seeds indoors…. potting medium, lighting, spritzing for watering, etc. They also provided a time-chart that I’ve put into google docs:

NOTE: do NOT start cilantro indoors… doesn’t like transplanting.

II. What to start indoors:

1. squash: to avoid the squash borer season…. aim to put in ground early in May

2. peppers/chiles: to get started before ground warms up

3. Chayote: I wonder if I can get it going enough to extend the growing season??

4. marigolds: to be able to place them in various spots around the garden….is that really a good reason?



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