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lessons from pruning

24 Feb 2012
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Always there is a lesson when working in the garden. Pruning the fruit trees always runs against my kinder nature; you almost hear the apple tree exclaim “But I was so proud of that tall branch!”, not realizing that that nasty tall branch was rootstock, unhealthy, and straight up the middle of the tree. Getting the tree to a vase-shape for fruit production was much easier once that branch was out.
Maybe I’m a little like that fruit tree. Recent financial reverses have made me think a little differently about what I am trying to accomplish in life. Overall they have been good for me, but like the tree, i have looked a little accusingly at the Gardener, or whoever has control over things like the economy, market prices and such like.

Did some dormant oil spraying today, for the first time – with Oil Away from Gardens Alive. That stuff is like sludge coming out of the bottle, but after diluting and spraying a couple of trees, I confess I am rather enamored of the shiny finish it puts on the branches. If it means no more wormy apples or cherries, all the better.
My resolution to use only healthy products, including insecticides, in my garden remains firm. I’d rather eat a wormy apple than use Roundup.



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