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21 Feb 2012
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I was home sick today with a nasty head cold that I’ve had all weekend.Getting kinda bored, I decided to do a full inventory and straighten-up of the AVs. I was able to create a check-list, thanks to Folia’s great features. I tallied all the plants, separating original plants from leaf/sucker-grown, and also tallied all the leaves currently down for rooting, designating which had sprouted babies.

Here is the Inventory breakdown:

  • 69 different varieties
    57 named
    5 species plants
    7 NOID
  • Of the 69 varieties
    35 plants
    32 leaves
    2 sprouts, without a current leaf
  • 45 different variety leaves currently down for propagation
    32 original leaf only (I don’t have the plant)
    35 have currently sprouted babies
  • 9 different variety plants grown from leaf
    22 total plants grown from leaf

I am hoping to have enough of an inventory of mature duplicate plants to be able to sell some this spring. It’s getting close.

As an aside… although they are way too small to try to photograph right now, I found three plants that have the tiniest of new buds – DA99 and Optimara Dali that have bloomed before, and Sizzling Romance that has not bloomed. I also repotted Gillian 1, Shirl’s First Baby, White Madonna 2, Rhapsodie Rebecca 1.
EDITED 25 Feb 2012 – another close inspection, what I thought were buds on Dali and Romance turned out to be tiny new crown leaves. However, there are really buds on DA99, Rhapsodie Rebecca and for the first time Ballet Snowcone 1.






Folia Helper

United Kingdom8b

Glad to hear you were so productive, and clearly achieved something so satisfying. Get well soon! :)

Posted on 22 Feb 12 (almost 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States8a

Get well soon! I’m similarly down for a day from work, so will be playing with Folia to help me get better, too. :) You have some serious dedication to African Violets… I’m curious what it is about them that drives you?

Posted on 23 Feb 12 (almost 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States6b

Thanks for the get well wishes.
@evergreengirl – Hope you feel better! As far as the AVs, I think there are a few things that keeps me going with them. First, I have always had house plants since I was a kid, and often a lot of them! So it seems only natural to have these plants around the house, plus they produce flowers all year round. They don’t require a lot of pampering care if you don’t want to, for the most part. It is easy to “collect” AVs since there are so many different varieties with seemingly unlimited combinations of flower and leaf types and colors. But mostly, I love propagation, in all the various ways it happens. I am always enthusiastically surprised and awe-struck that I can create a new plant from a piece of leaf or flower stem. These AVs are just amazing, and along with seed-starting, rooting cuttings and winter-sowing, I guess I have to admit I am propagatingly addicted.

Posted on 23 Feb 12 (almost 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States8a

Interesting – I had no idea they flowered year-round. That’s certainly a reason in and of itself to love them! The propagating part does sound fun, though I’ve run out of room with edibles at this point. Thanks for a little insight into your passion. :)

Posted on 23 Feb 12 (almost 5 years ago)

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