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13 Feb 2012
Snow 12°C / 54°F

I went in early to work so I could have enough sunlight to come home and whack the stump in my flower box. The flower box is the site for my blueberry bushes. While the whole stump wasn’t practical for me to completely remove by hand, I did my best to level it some for aesthetics.

In any case, my work from last year of drilling holes and filling it with water really did weaken it a bit. I was able to use the maul and mattock to take out some nice chunks. My newly arrived blueberry bushes came in last night, so I was able to get room for them and place them with soil. This was the last main outdoor task of note, and working over a stump is tiring business, so I’m very content to have it out of the way.

The picture below is an older shot before the soil was removed. The stump is in the center back, if you look closely, you can see the 3 holes I drilled.




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