Seed Swaps

Last weeks progress

12 Feb 2012
Rainy 5°C / 41°F

The garden: still freezing last week, nothing to do except making some pictures.

Temperatures inside the unheated greenhouse last week: -12 to +10 °C. But last night the thaw has some: +1°C this morning and they’re not expecting frost for the coming week(s). So who knows, perhaps I can sow some things like radishes in the greenhouse this coming week…

In the windowsill, plants are growing fast. More peppers have sprouted, the first Litchi tomato has appeared from the ground – and the sopropo’s are growing SO FAST! The first one sprouted only 3 days after sowing, and within a week the first set of true leaves has appeared. I had to pot them up to a bigger pot yesterday, the biggest one is now already about 15 cm high. I seeded this plant early because I could not find any info on them on the internet, so this is a kind of experiment. But since they’re growing so fast I’ll definitely so them later next year – now I will have to keep them alive until they can be planted out in the greenhouse, sometime in april/may.

And I got a “present”: a box full of seeds! I had ordered these via the gardening community early january and they were delivered this saturday. It’s nice looking at all these seeds and thinking ahead towards the seeding and planting time… Even though there’s not much sowing to do now, the seeds already gave me a lot of work right away: entering all of them into my stash list proved to be a whole day of work!




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