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12 Feb 2012
Sunny 3°C / 38°F

If (and a big if) the weather cooperates with us this year on our schedule we would like to plant an orchard consisting of 14 trees at least. Also would like to till up a new area just for corn and in addition I want to move around the square foot boxes we have to enable me to quadruple the size of our garden also allowing us to rotate our plots. I have found the book The New Self Sufficient Gardener by John Seymore to be a great guide (with great illustrations) to help us accomplish our goals and would like to try his rotation system which includes peas and beans in one bed, Brassicaes i(mostly broccoli and cauliflower for us) in another bed, and potatoes and miscellaneous bed includes tomatoes as well as squashes (in ours anyway). I haven’t decided exactly where all the crops will go yet except I have learned that I don’t want to follow broccoli with another crop from the same family so I will defiantely avoid that.

I have started tons of seedlings inside and they are quickly outgrowing the house. We have a small indoor and a little bit bigger outdoor greenhouses I am using. Hopefully most of it will be outside in the greenhouse soon!

I can’t wait!



I fully agree with you with respect to the book, it’s perfect for learning about gardening but also for just browsing through on an evening if there’s nothing on TV! Windowsill filling up with seedlings here, too. So let the warm weather come!

Posted on 13 Feb 12 (over 4 years ago)

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