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A lazy day.

11 Feb 2012
Sunny -9°C / 16°F

Today I did nothing…well not nothing, lol. One load of the 3 loads of laundry, my kitchen is clean, so all I had to do was prepare meals. One of my boys washed the lunch dishes, and I tried a nap on for size….it didn’t fit. :) I had 2 cuddlers that kept moving, my little guy (5) and my Daniff puppy, 9 months old. Then the big guys came in and yelled where’s mom all over the house until they found me. The oldest came in first, asked what I was doing, which I replied was rather obvious, then the next oldest, and after he asked what I was doing, the oldest told him, and then the next oldest was coming to the bedroom to ask me, and the other two in stage whispers told him what I was doing and not to disturb me, lol. Then the little guy got restless and asked me to play a game of high cricket with him (dart game).

Then I heard my husband coming to use the bathroom and decided, you know what? I did get a little rest even if I didn’t sleep, and this whole thing while a bit annoying was a lot comical. So I got up just as hubby entered the doorway. He was a little disappointed that the kids had “bothered” me. I told him it was alright, that it was sort of funny this go round.

Anyway, so now we are getting ready to eat wild rice soup. Just had to share my interesting story.



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