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Money Maker Toms harvest.

07 Feb 2012
Cloudy 23°C / 73°F

My moneymaker tomatoes are FINALLY harvesting. Just a few, and from one plant so far, but yay!

I left one of my courgettes on the plant too long and by the time I realised it was there it weighed 700g, or about 1.5lb. I usually pick them at around 3-400g…a good size to feed a single person for a couple of meals. I try to avoid leaving them until they become marrows, but I think this one was just about there.

The one remaining ‘Blacknite’ eggplant that I grew from seed has belatedly decided to try to catch up, so I may get something off it after all. The ‘Bonica’ eggplants are happy and flowering.

I’ve sown swede in the garden, also perpetual silverbeet. and should really get the beetroot started. I also need to get radishes and carrots in, but they’re less season-specific, especially in our mild climate(we get frosts, but not the kind that leave icicles on branches…can’t think of the exact term. And once last winter, in the entire recorded history of the city, we had a very light flurry of snow that didn’t settle and that I didn’t even notice until it was in the news. And it did make news).




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