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Slow but steady progress

07 Feb 2012
Sunny 9°C / 48°F

Work on my new raised bed layout proceeds. Slowly but surely.

Despite a good initial start in early January, the rains returned with a vengeance and so it’s only during the recent run of good weather that I’ve been able to continue.

Fixed the sizing on the south-eastern corner and over the last few days, have shifted 50 wheelbarrows’ worth of soil amender and top soil into the new beds. I reckon I still have another 15 or so to go but my back was saying “enough already!”

I’ve also made a start on laying down mulch on the areas in between the beds. So far I’ve only completed the southern half as it’s time-consuming and the mulch is soaking wet so weighs a ton to shift.

Much as I’m trying to pace myself – and be diligent about the process – I’m getting to the point where I need it to be DONE. And then the real fun can start!

Main photo: May not look a lot different from the last photo, but it should!
Photo 1: Southern bed still needs more soil.
Photo 2: And it will be getting some of this: finally found a good quality source.




i found 2 kitties! :)

Posted on 10 Feb 12 (over 4 years ago)

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