Seed Swaps

A rat ate my seedlings.

07 Feb 2012
Cloudy 19°C / 67°F

Ugh – what a way to begin a Tuesday. Luckily, I guess, they weren’t so far along that I can’t resow but still, an aggravation at its finest. I’m not resowing the peppers yet, since they like the heat, I’ll just save them for the summer.
*sigh – I’ll just take this as a sign that, for whatever reason, I should’ve waited to start these seeds.
Although that rodent has sealed its fate, I have to take a moment to thank it for only demolishing one tray of seedlings. This morning could’ve been much worse if everything were gone. I believe I would’ve called in to work and set out on a terminator-style mission.
I also lost 4 seeds of the Hawaiian pineapple Tomato, I was soaking them in a plastic bag that the rat ripped it open and shredded the paper towel they were in. The Sweetpea currant Tomato seeds (also soaking) were spared that fate so again, things could’ve been worse.




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